"Following two unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatment we decided to try acupuncture alongside our third attempt. At our initial meeting, Wendy put us both at ease and we found it very easy to be open and honest about our situation. As we both suffer from fertility problems we decided to have individual sessions. Seeing Wendy each week benefitted us both physically and emotionally and we left each session feeling like we’d made a positive step on our road to pregnancy. During the critical period of egg collection and embryo transfer Wendy was especially supportive and two weeks later we were delighted to inform her that we were pregnant. We are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl who we know would not be here without Wendy’s help."

H & S C, ages 33 & 40, Low Fell, Gateshead

"We had been trying for a baby for about 5 years and I had suffered from two miscarriages before we were offered IVF treatment. We were told that acupuncture used to compliment IVF was known to be useful and wanting to do everything to help the process, so I contacted Wendy. I received acupuncture treatment both before and during my IVF cycle. Wendy was very accommodating with organising specific treatments at crucial times during the cycle and I became successfully pregnant on our first cycle. We now have a beautiful, content and cheeky little boy. I believe that the acupuncture treatment helped preparing me both mentally and physically for the IVF treatment and a successful pregnancy."

B H, age 38, Heaton, Newcastle

"During both acupuncture and shiatsu massage treatments, Wendy helped me to understand the toll that four recurrent losses had taken on my mind and body as I tried to conceive a second child. Her patience, kind words and gentle humour were much appreciated each week as I attempted the small changes she suggested to diet and exercise. With acupuncture treatments, my cycle became more regular and my blood flow improved significantly, whilst Wendy’s wonderful shiatsu massages helped me to relax deeply and sleep soundly for days afterwards.  I conceived for a fifth time, this time, against all the odds, our beautiful baby was born and our family is now complete. Wendy’s support during this journey has been invaluable to me."

H S, age 37, Tyne Valley

"I contacted Wendy for assistance with hot flushes I was experiencing as a result of taking a drug called tamoxifen which was prescribed as part of my treatment for Breast Cancer. Wendy could not have been more helpful, she saw me within 2 days. Since then I have been for treatments at both her clinics and her home. She is always gentle and considerate and always helps me relax. l would recommend her to anyone seeking help, she really puts you at ease. I still get the flushes but far fewer and much less hot!"

C McK, age 53, South Tyneside

"Conventional medicine failed to help my long standing back pain. When I was directed to Wendy the pain began to ease after the first session and now, 4 years later, I visit Wendy regularly and now have no problems. In fact, I am back in the gym!"

J W, male, age 50, Haydon Bridge

"Acupuncture with Wendy helped me to recover from childbirth and make the transition to motherhood. It helped me to build my strength and enable me to enjoy my new role of mother."

M C, age 42, Gateshead

"I experienced severe, continuous nausea during the early months of both my pregnancies which was unpleasant and debilitating. During the second pregnancy I began to have acupuncture treatment with Wendy Howdin. The treatment was very effective, taking the nausea away almost entirely for four or five days at a time, which was great relief. I would certainly recommend acupuncture for this."

C M, age  36, Newcastle

"For many years I have suffered from heavy periods, which despite treatment from my GP and other hospital services did not improve. Wendy treated me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for the pain and underlying problems, which gave immediate relief from the constant pain. Over the next four months treatment resolved the gynaecological problems too."

P G, female, age  48, Greenside, Gateshead

"Wendy treated me for pain in my knee and Achilles tendon, which had been a problem for 18 months. I decided to try acupuncture after conventional treatment failed. Pain was greatly reduced after one treatment and the Achilles pain completely resolved after a few treatments. My knee required longer term-treatment, however I was able to stop taking painkillers, even after sport."

R B, male, age 47, Newcastle

"Wendy has helped me both physically and mentally, using her excellent skills in Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, together with her ability to formulate, prescribe and dispense herbs has produced wonderful healing results. Through Wendy I have experienced cessation of acute problems and successful management of chronic conditions. What seems intransigent to Western medicine is no problem in the Chinese approach, which as a patient is both refreshing and enriching."

R P, age 52, Ebchester,  Northumberland

"I have had Multiple Sclerosis for many years and started seeing Wendy after an acute episode. I feel that the treatments have helped greatly with my recovery from this episode and in the maintenance of my ongoing good health. After a shiatsu treatment I have noticeably higher energy levels and generally feel better. Wendy is a very easy person to see because she is kind and sensitive and adapts the treatment according to how I am feeling that day."

K A, female, age  42, Newcastle

"In the past two years I have contacted Wendy for a range of minor problems - e.g. acute neck pain, shoulder pain, which she has rectified with one or two acupuncture treatments."

P G, female, age  48, Greenside, Gateshead

The bronze figure (above) illustrates meridian pathways and acupuncture points.

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Wendy has particular interests in Fertility, Menopause, Pain and Skin/Dermatology.