Field Trip to China

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In 2016 I went on Herb Study field trip to the Sichuan Province of South West of China. Starting at the provincial capitial, Chengdu, we had a round trip travelling up into high mountain passes of the Himalayas, through deep forest, across alpine meadows and grasslands. Passing through 3-4 climatically and botanically different areas, seeing a rich variety of medicinal plants. Click on the photos below to see a slideshow.

It was a wonderful experience to “meet” some of the plants I have using for years, growing in the wild or being cultivated. We met growers and pharmacologists dedicated to preserving plant stock, growing herbs sustainably and analysing the active constituents of medicinal plants…

…we rode horses, got an intimate view of Chinese rural life, and we ate fabulous food!


Wendy has particular interests in Fertility, Menopause, Pain and Skin/Dermatology.